Take the Quiz: Are you best suited for a 9-5 or a full-time business?

Take the Quiz: Are you best suited for a 9-5 or a full-time business?

Ari Fletcher & Jayda Wayda

Credit: Jayda Wayda, Waydamin & Ari Fletcher, Remedy by Ari

Entrepreneurship has become somewhat of a trend in recent years but it may not be for everyone. Decide once and for all that this is for you by taking our quick 3-min business quiz. 

 For Job Seekers: 

You don't have to be an entrepreneur to make good money. You just have to make strategic choices. If you think college degrees and work experience are the only ways to get ahead then you'll be surprised to know how companies now factor in, unique skills, networking, sales ability, and even influence. Instead, jumping on the bang-wagon to entrepreneurship, build your personal brand. This will give you more leverage when it comes to pay and open up new opportunities you'd never have by coming early and leaving late. 

For Business Seekers:

You may be eager to jump right in, but you have to be smart. Your passion for business is one many entrepreneurs share but you can't bank on that for success. You need strategy, skill, and money to build a viable business so take your time in the preparation phase. Don't be too quiet to make an announcement before you're truly ready. If you need steady income, it's best to get a job that would prepare you for life as a business owner. But if you quit cold turkey, make sure you have enough resources to sustain yourself and your new business venture.

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