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With our in-house financing plans, there is no credit check and every customer is approved.

At Rework’d, we believe every business owner deserves the chance to experience success. With the demands of running a business, we know costs can add up fast. That’s why we’re introducing extended in-house financing plans for website and branding services. You can split your payments into up to 12 monthly payments completely interest-free. 

Customer retrictions may apply

New! Extended In-House Financing Plans

This option is for businesses who want to finance their website plan over a longer period of time. If you have plans to schedule your redesign beyond 60 days these plans are best for you. See full policy below.

Available Plan Options

  • 2 Months
  • 4 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 8 Months
  • 12 Months

Additional Details

Service start dates may vary. Your website will be released once your balance is zero or on your scheduled due date. Websites cannot be released to your procession until all accounts are cleared.

Traditional In-House Financing Plans

Choose any of the available financing plans. No credit check, all customers approved.  This is the most common option for businesses with plans to release their site in less than 2 months. 

Available Plan Options

  • Pay Half | Half now, Half in 6 Weeks
  • Pay in 4 | 4 Bi-Weekly Payments

Additional Details

Your website will be released once your balance is zero or on your scheduled due date. Websites cannot be released to your procession until all accounts are cleared.

Websites & Branding

Coaching Sessions


By placing an order with Rework’d by Sew Chic, you agree to have read and agree with our terms, policies and agreements. By selecting an in-house financing plan, you agree to the terms below. All policies may be updated or changed at any time.

All financing options require a minimum deposit. No work will begin until payments are cleared by your bank. All other payments are due bi-weekly  from payment or according to payment schedule. All installments and deposits are non-refundable.

All payments of equal increments are due according to your payment schedule. Your service will continue so long as payments are paid on time and in full. There is a 3-day grace period for all payment periods, after this time your payment is considered late and will incur a $50 late fee for each late payment. 

- We do not accept partial payments on installment plans, unless otherwise stated.
-  If you cannot pay your bill for any reason please contact support for further assistance.
-  If your payment surpasses the 3-day grace period, all website edits will stop and a late fee of $50 will be charged to your account.
- They will resume 24 hours after your payment has been cleared.
- In the event that your past due payment has surpassed 14 days, your in-house financing plan will be cancelled. 
- If your in-house financing plan is cancelled or incur 3 or more late payments, your access to in-house financing plans will be revoked indefinitely. Alternate payments will be required to be serviced in the future. 
- If payment in-house financing plan is cancelled, your service may also be at-risk for cancellation. 
- Services may be cancelled at any time due to miss payment. 
- Late payments past 30 days will result in automatic service cancellation. See Cancellation Policy. 

If an installment plan is selected you agree to make all payments according to your plan schedule. Deliverables including website projects, brand files, documents etc. will not be rendered until your balance is zero. 

-  Payments will be requested automatically from the card on file. 
- Further attempts will be made to complete transaction if funds are not available on renewal dates.
- If a total of 3 attempts are made without payment, all services will be paused.
- All installment payments are non-refundable.
- Final product will not be rendered until all payments have been completed.

- Monthly discount codes are valid until the end of each month unless otherwise stated.
- Discount codes may not be combined unless otherwise stated. 
- Referral codes may not be combined unless otherwise stated. 
- All discount codes apply to the first installment payment. 

- All payments have a 3 day grace period. Customers may update their card by contacting support or through their customer portal. 
- After the 3-day grace period, your payment is considered late.
- For each late payment period a $50 charge will be applied to your invoice.
- If late payment surpasses 14 days, your in-house financing plan will be cancelled. 

- Customers may manage their payment accounts via the Customer Account Portal 

In the event that your in-house financing plan is cancelled, your access will be revoked indefinitely. To resume your service you must select an alternate form of payment. Future services must be paid in full or with alternate financing program. 

- Customers may opt to change their in-house financing plan. However this may effect completion dates and deliverables. 
- Customers may opt to change the form of payment at anytime during their service with available payment options. 
- Customers may have their deliverables released sooner by paying their balance in full.