How Personal Branding Can Help You Make More Money

How Personal Branding Can Help You Make More Money

If you feel overworked and underpaid in your field then personal branding can help you develop a better money strategy. Whether you work a corporate job, provide services, or even have a career in content creation, personal branding can be the difference between thousands of dollars per year. But, what is personal branding, and how can you use it to make more money? 

What is personal branding?

Personal branding or self-branding is when you create a brand around yourself (or a person) rather than a business. This means the focus is all on you, and what you bring versus how a business serves a group of people.

Personal branding can help you advance in your career by landing better paying jobs, obtaining media opportunities or even developing a network of “true fans”.

Oprah & Apple the difference between a personal brand and business brand

Credit: Stanford Graduate School or Business, Apple

How You Can Use Personal Branding

In the past, landing jobs would be as simple as creating a decent resume and having some references. Today, smart career professionals are building their own personal brands to earn credibility and get noticed by bigger companies. 

Instead of solely relying on higher education and work experience, you can show that you provide value by showcasing your expertise, using personal data, and leveraging your network of followers. 

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Tips to Use Personal Branding to Make More Money

Forget what you know about company advancement.

Let’s face it you don’t need to come early and stay late to be valued by a company. In some aspects, this won’t get you noticed nor will it make a difference in your paycheck. The overachiever mindset is the quickest way to show companies you're desperate for approval. What you want instead is to show that you are due respect. Understand that you’re not here to be a good worker bee, you’re here to be an asset and assets help businesses get results.

Develop a strategy to land the right deal 

Create a strategy detailing how you will present yourself and who you will present yourself to. What type of clients do you speak to and how do you solve their problems? Be sure to highlight your personal strengths and create content around your expertise. 

Build a network with social proof

Social media presence is a large factor when it comes to money in the bank but don’t make this your only focus. Build a strong network through blogging, webinars, podcasts, conferences and news outlets. Be diligent about collaborating with others in your industry to get your name buzzing. 

Track your success with data and metrics 

In the workplace, there may not be a way to track your success. Even if there is, your work is deemed as company successes and not your own. Make it a point to utilize personal tracking systems like website traffic, engagement, and conversions to use when discussing your next payday. 

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