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There’s only a short time left until Black Friday and in business time that is basically no time at all. Companies are already starting to roll out promotions and test ads for the super sale season, and you need to get it together... and quickly. With regulations on social distancing and store capacity mandates more customers are going to be shopping online which is a great opportunity for online sellers. It’s important that you prepare adequately so you can make the most out of a unique opportunity like this. 

Note: November - February is responsible for the bulk of a lot of retail brands sales for the entire year. If you are not prepared to compete in this market, then you might be starting your next year off a little short.  keep your extensions as good as new. 

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Update your Website

Whether you just need a tune up or a full revamp your website needs to be ready to take new visitors. Pay special attention to site speed, checkout functions, product pages and inventory quantity. You want to go through every product to ensure the buying process is as seamless as possible. 

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Create a Marketing Strategy

Speaking of strategy, you need a really good plan to promote your products. This should be completely tailored to your audience's needs, and creative enough to get their attention.

Pick Products / Offers 

Review your analytics and find the products your customers look for the most. Create offers around your best sellers, try bundling complimentary items, or adding order bumps and checkout. If you’re on Shopify there are tons of apps you can browse through to add these features, but take time to plan out your funnels before you overdose on selling. 

Buy Inventory

With those same analytics, stock up on items you know your customers will buy during this season, and pay special attention to trends in your industry. For example: if you sell candles, tropical scents may not be the best product to stock up on, but fall scents like vanilla, cinnamon or gingerbread are great options for the home. 

Add Gift Cards 

Gift cards are a rich aunties form of “the handshake”. Let your audience know you have these available and even give incentives to those who order gift cards in bulk. This feature is easy to add on platforms like Shopify, but can be utilized for just about any store online. 

Increase Value Based Content 

Be very intentional about what you share on your platforms this season. You want to increase the know-like trust factor and you can’t do that with useless quotes, or unrelated content. Try to increase educational content, how tos, demos, testimonials, influencer reviews etc to build trust with your audience. Don’t forget you can repurpose content like blog posts or videos, for your social media channels and marketing platforms. 

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