Your campaign team, just 10x better.

Retain’d is your new in-house campaign management team built into a single retainer service. From expert campaign planning, to regular social media management the result is less time managing projects, and more time enjoying your profits. Best part is, it’s all wrapped into one single monthly cost. Say hello to Retain’d.


Easy Retainers

The average business owner needs a strong marketing team to help drive traffic to their business. Without it they find themselves, more stressed, underpaid, and less efficient. With rising costs of top performers you need a package that helps you maximize your use of experts without the high cost of full time employees. Your custom retainer is packed with value so you can market your products easier, more creatively, all without compromising major cash flow.

Price Comparisons

To put this in perspective, the average company can spend up to $541,152 estimated annual pay in full-time salaries depending on the size of their business. This doesn't include cost associated with marketing materials, ad spend, and other costs.

We know you're a numbers person, here is what your annual team cost looks like without Retain'd.

  • Campaign Planning: $67,415
  • Graphic Designer: $50,000
  • Social Media Manager: $58,308
  • Web Designer: $67,785
  • Email Manager: $60,000
  • Copywriter: $79,313
  • SMS Manager: $85,211
  • Blog Writing: $73,120

Based on minimum annual salaries according to Indeed, Ziprecuiter, Built in LA, Glassdoor, and Zippia.