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Rework'd Design Services

GHH - Custom Campaign Quote


Thank you for planning your campaign with Rework’d. Here’s how else we can help. Consider these campaign tasks off your list! Fewer things to execute, fewer people to brief on details, and exceptional service. 

Included in package

Website Graphics and Sale Setups

  • Website Banner Design 
  • Buy Now Pay Later Banner Design or Collection Banner
  • Product Page Updates + Upsell Feature

Email Sale Automation

  • Updated sale welcome series 
  • Updated abandoned cart series 

Email Campaign Graphics 

  • Daily email campaign graphics and scheduling

SMS Setup and Automation

  • Initial SMS setup + Popup form
  • Initial welcome series 
  • Initial abandon cart series 
  • Alternate sale-specific welcome series 
  • Alternate sale-specific abandon cart series

SMS Campaign Management

  • Daily SMS campaign scheduling

Blog Creation + SEO 

  • Press Release and SEO optimization

Flyer and Content Graphics 

  • All campaign flyers and content graphics
  • Included highlight graphics

Short-Form Content Management 

  • Content management for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok 
  • All short-form content editing 
  • All short-form content scheduling 
  • Story post scheduling

Total Cost: $1,464.00

Available credits & discounts: 

  • $150 off any custom quote when you use ShopPay Financing or Pay in Full. Use Code: Black
  • $100 off any custom quote when you use In-House Financing. Use Code: Friday
  • $50 off any service. Use Code: Rochelle 

Personal credits can be used in combination of monthly discount codes.

See financing options.

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Quote Expiry

Due to the demand of our services. All quotes are valid for a total of 30 days.

After this time all codes and credits will be deactivated and customers will need to obtain an updated quote.


Brand photos are essential to a successful design project. We recommend high quality professional photography.

If you haven't obtained photos yet, you can request a photo shoot shot list to further assist you with the overall project.

Financing Options

You can finance your project with ShopPay or In-House Financing.

To finance with ShopPay, select the "one-time" option and use the ShopPay option at checkout.

To finance with In-House Financing, select your desired plan and proceed to checkout.

Finance Policy

We are happy to provide long-term financing for all our customers. To ensure select the best payment option please review our financing policy and all ShopPay terms and conditions.