There are plenty of heavy hitters in the beauty industry that we would like to highlight. From the O.Gs in fashion to hairstylist with decades of experience, we look to them as the blueprint for our professional lives. We could go on for days but here are our most inspiring beauty business owners of 2019. 

1. Supa Cent-  The Crayon Case

We've seen her grow from tell-all I.G stories to a millionaire dollar empire. Just last year her makeup line @thecrayoncase smashed the makeup scene with exciting product lines and perfectly themed branding. Between being an exceptional mother, I.G personality and friend, she is rocking the business world with her constant creativity. She makes us feel like we can make it too and we thank her for that!

2. Mahisha Dellinger - Curls

Curls Curls Curls and Class! After leaving her corporate marketing position at INTEL she blew the natural hair scene through the ruff with her organic hair care line. Before organic was a trend, Mahisha was pushing for all-natural products in the curly world. Now her brand has become a shelf-staple for curly girls all over the world. After building her brand from the ground up, she now helps struggling business owners on her hit show Mind Your Business with Mahisha on OWN. In real life and on-screen, she is a class-act of a leader. 

3. Jessica Dupart- Kaleidoscope Hair

Better known as Judy, she takes being a self-made boss to another level. A hairstylist for years she started her empire with hair growth products for her clients. Over the years her company has become a renowned staple amongst our community. Between pushing out comedic marketing videos and empowering other women to build their own brands, she remains a powerhouse for beauty boss inspo.

4. Ming Lee- Snob Life Hair

If you've ever sold a bundle, you know her amazing story. With just $500 she started her well-known hair company @snobbmobb. From YouTube tutorials to full-blown marketing productions she is what we aspire to in the hair business. Her humility and beauty inspire us! 

5. Miko Branch - Miss Jessie's

As a veteran in the hair business, her and her sister, Titi Branch, started their brand "Miss Jessie's"in 2004. When natural hair care became the craze, Miss Jessie's is one of the few brands who didn't promote the creamy crack. After the tragic death of her sister, she has remained the backbone for their iconic company. She is a pillar of strength and an inspiration to all sisters.



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